Guys, be honest please. Does size matter?

everyone is saying curvy girls are hot but I see guys dating mainly skinny girls. I'm a pretty short girl you could say, 5 feet 3 inches or 1,63 metres. I weigh about 150- 153. I know its overweight but im not the type of person that shows the weight as much. I'm not sugarcoating it but I dont think im fat or unattractive. I often get compliments on my looks, usually about my face. (Im a mix of Asian, arabic and latina). I dont have 200 fat rolls or fat jiggling with every move I make. I am active so I have muscle but im not bulky. I get that most guys like big butts, big boobs and a small face but would it really matter if a girl has a bit more cushion for the pushin?

please let me know what you still find attractive, maybe even leave a link? (no Megan Foxes, Kim K's or Kate Mosses please because I'm not asking for ideals but just what you'd find attractive)

This isn't me but her hair and facial features are similar to mine,d.ZWU&psig=AFQjCNHohsXs08nONn0NOy6ZiEieTsTVwA&ust=1451530677684403
Guys, be honest please. Does size matter?
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