(BEWARE CHEESY SELFIES INCOMING) I don't know, so I'm asking you guys. What do you think of me?

I always wonder what people think of me when they first meet me or see me in public. I know it's 'bad' or whatever to care about what others think of you, but in all honesty, don't we all? At least to a certain extent :)

I know the pictures are cheesy, I never take selfies because I feel so weird doing it. I just wanted to look as happy as possible so I gave it my best shot, if I tried to smile normally It'd be even more awkward, trust me...

Please BE BRUTALLY HONEST! That's the whole point of this, so don't feel bad :P

How old do you guys think I am? I'll give you a hint, I'm older than 13 younger than 18 :o
What would you rate me on a scale of 1-10 girls?
What are your first impressions of me?
What would you guess my ethnicity to be? I honestly would have no idea if I saw me for the first time...

If you guys want to know my ethnicity and age and all that, I'll tell you after I get a few answers :)
And yes I know my hair is getting a bit long! I'm probably gonna cut it soon so please don't tell me I need a haircut :L
(BEWARE CHEESY SELFIES INCOMING) I don't know, so I'm asking you guys. What do you think of me?

So here it is:

I'm 16 years old
My ethnicity is actually 50% Guatemalen, 35% African American, and 15% White. So I'm basically a mutt, I have a little of everything! I've gotten so many far off guesses before. People have thought I was Philipino or Hawaiian before 😂

And for those of you who don't know, Guatemala is a country in Central America that is bordered with Mexico. So basically it's hispanic


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  • Hi! :D
    I actually like your hair, I think you'd look great even if they were longer ;)
    I understand the awkward-selfie-feeling but you managed to take some nice ones! :P

    Ok so here are my answers:
    1) I think you are 15
    2) My vote in general is 7.5/10 which is very high considering that my 10 goes to the most beautiful man on earth :P
    Considering your age, my vote is 8.5/10!
    3) You are very good looking and also seem a fun guy! I'm sure you'll become a very hot man in a few years!! :P You also seem to be smart and a person with who I'd like to talk with ;)
    4) I'm not good at guessing ethnicity but... maybe you have a native relative?

    Let me know!! :D

    • Thanks! :D If I could figure out how to pm you in this I would let you know but I managed to accidentally upvote your answer instead...

    • You're right, you can't reveal the answers yet ;)
      Anyway you have to click on my profile and then on top right click on my pic and choose Messages ;) But anyway I'll wait for you to post the answer here ;)

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  • You look well around 16 - I am probably a mile off but I get that French north African vibe of you.

    • Thanks for your input! You're a good guesser for age ;P

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  • That hair is on point. Just had to say that, I'm guessing you're maybe 14 /15? And I'd say you're the kind to joke around with friends a lot, and smile to people you know in the hallways but inside, you just wanna game. I don't know, just my guess. Ethenicity.. hmm.. I'd say maybe American latino with some Italian / French blood? Or am I over analyzing this XD And the pics are good, at least you try your best to be yourself and not give that smizing, cool look that guys, think they look good doing.

    • Thanks! You're very true, I do joke with my friends a lot and I do smile at people all the time. But at home I'm either playing games or watching anime or something 😂

      I'll update the question with my age and ethnicity soon. So far no one's been right on either of them 😋

    • Yess. I was so close.

  • I'd give you a 6 out of 10... But my score is impacted by the fact that you look 14 or 15. Don't cut the hair I like it like that

  • Hello, I'm guessing 15 or 16. You look like your a funny guy, and to me that matters a lot. I would rate you a 8/10 but you are young and im sure you will get even more handsome as you get older.

    • Thank you, I hope I become more manly as I get older because everyone thinks I'm so young in real life. I guess I'll have to tell you guys my age after this, but I was still being offered the kids menu at restaurants until I was almost 15 😂

      I'll update the question with my age and stuff :)

  • you're definitely cute c: you're the type of guy who winks at girls in the hallway and they pass out xD

    • Wow thanks 😂

      Sadly that's never actually happened and the girls at my school don't find me that attractive :P

  • 7/10

    You look goofy and like a nice guy

    • Thanks, it's nice to know people think I look like a nice person.

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  • You kinda look like Shia Lebouf from Holes

    • HAHAHA! xD

      That's a new one, I've never gotten that before! I like Shia Lebouf though, JUST DO IT! :O