Which girl is your most attractive?

In ORDER of attractiveness. Which girl do you think looks best?

Latina chick
goo. gl/rj0ive

White girl
goo. gl/zu3oyH

Asian girl 1
goo. gl/X648OC

Asian girl 2
goo. gl/3JEcyL

  • Latina chick
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  • White girl
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  • Asian girl 1
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  • Asian girl 2
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What Girls Said 3

  • From your options, Asian girl 1. Then Latina. Then Asian girl 2. Then very last the white girl because the one you chose looks like she's very near or in her 30s and still attends house parties. *shudders*

  • Asian girl 1 is the hottest for me ;p

  • Your links don't seem to work?

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What Guys Said 4

  • The latina girl and the 1st Asian girl tied. The latina girl has more sex appeal, but the 1st Asian girl just looks so sweet and cute.

    The other two werent attractive at all in my opinion, but I've seen plenty of attractive white girls, latina girls, and Asian girls, you just so happened to have picked out better looking latinas and Asians than whites.

    by the way, did you choose an east Asian for the 1st Asian and a west Asian for the 2nd Asian on purpose?

  • I'm just voting for Latina because that's who I am most attracted to anyways. Lol

  • Asian Girl 1 is the most beautiful to me. She looks Japanese, and for some reason I am very attracted to Japanese girls... In my opinion, Japanese girls can be far more beautiful than any other girls. I feel like white girls, Hispanic girls, and so on, have a stopping point when it comes to beauty. But I don't know, that's just what I think :)

    I'd say Asian Girl 1 is first. She just beats them all by a long shot.
    Latina Chick is second.
    Asian Girl 2 is third.
    White Girl is last.

  • I'm sure you could have picked a picture of a hotter white girl than that.

    Anyway, out of the poll I like the Asian girls more.

    • My friend thinks the white girl is the hottest. So I posted her. Do you not find her attractive? O. O

    • To me she gives me an impression of slight trashiness and also looks like she needs a shower. Just being honest.