Girls mostly , what do you think of my build?

Girls mostly , what do you think of my build?


so i've been working out for a while now, and i was wondering how my build is now ^^
is it good? or else, what shall i improve?

of course guys feel free to share/vote as well :)

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ok guys saying "meh"
i am not ripped nor do i desire to be, i was unsure wheter i should let guys to answer to this mainly because of this
honestly guys not liking my figure does not surprise me for the reasons that
A) many are straight and will not like my body anyway
B) are competative and thus will never like my body since i do not go to the gym 24/7
i was looking for constructive criticism in ways i should improve, and not just dudes saying "do you even lift"^^


Most Helpful Girl

  • You need to keep working, and I can't see too much, your arms are covered.
    You need more muscle mass

    • i keep working ^^ also where do i need more muscle mass?
      thanks for your input :)

    • i can send you a pic of my arm if you want?

Most Helpful Guy

  • Keep killin it son, doing good

    • thank you ^^

    • Bro u are in good shape. for how long have u been lifting wights?

    • @sizedoesnotmatter haha i've been training for about 5 months, but i do not lift weights :)

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What Girls Said 3

  • I love your hair!

  • you are half way there :)

    • half way? what do you mean? :) what should i improve?

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    • ok ^^ it will become better, thank you for the tip! :D

    • YW good luck

  • You look great!

    Your built is perfect/not obnoxiously huge and not tiny either

    • haha thank you very much ^^

What Guys Said 4

  • You don't have a build to even rate man, Just a kid with a skinny or skinny-fat bod (who knows with shirt on).


    • it was not meant to ask for a rating, and i am going for a slim/non-muscular build

  • I think you have a good look - That is a healthy slim build

    • thank you very much ^^

  • Most guys say meh because they think Arnold Schwarzenegger has the body type to aim for, so don't let them get to you. At any rate, maybe add on a little more muscle mass, but you're almost there.

    • thank you ^^ also where do i need ot put focus do you think ^^

    • I'd say chest and biceps, but that's just me.

    • ok, thank you :)

  • LOL.. what build?

    • i ask you kindly to look at the update

    • You dont have to go to the gym 24 7 to have a build. Truthfully you look like a complete fuckboy

    • opinion is noted, and i ask you to reread the update if you indeed are capable of processing the amount of info written down

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