I know why girls like celebrity guys more than guys like celebrity girls! ?

i know why girls like celebrity guys more than guys like celebrity girls! ?

because girls are attracted to power and fame.

like a girl being scared by a strong wolf, her prettiness stopping the wolf from attacking her, and falling in love. that is what woman crave.

so girls like celebrities because they got power and fame,

while guys don't like celebrity women because power and fame are masculine qualities, and thus unattractive qualities. but because celebrity girls are so pretty, it makes up for that.

also why girls scream over Justin Bieber and other mega stars, becuase ot their fame and money and power. also why woman fall in love with male celebrities.

also why guys are way less attracted to woman who are leaders and well-educated and in power, because these are masculine qualities and thus less attractive.

this is science.

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this is the turth. 100% the truth.


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  • The only reason people have celeb crushes is based on the concept of "I want what I can't have". That's why it becomes a obsession for some.

    • nope, anything is possible.

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  • The reason I tend not to have time for celebrities is that people who are that much into fame would not be really my thing but I feel the same way about male and female celebrities. There may be some people who feel the way you describe in the question but I am not sure it is across the board.


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  • So many guys "fan girl" over celebrity women though lol I know lots of guys who seem to be in love, as if on a personal level which is strange, with like Beyonce, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Shakira, etc.

    • I think people like celebrities because those fuckers are very attractive. And that's the point. They're supposed to be very attractive and minimally talented so you can get absorbed in them and fork over your money.

      Sure, maybe some women are attracted to the money and power. But how many guys wouldn't have sex with Oprah or be her boyfriend in hopes that she gives you a car? And you a car? And you too get a car? Everyone gets a car!

    • way way less for guys tbh. i would never have sex with Oprah, disgusting wtf does through ur head typing that out.

  • They are also so hot. I mean cmon some of them are 30+ and men around me don't look anywhere as hot.

  • Maybe you're right. but not for all girls. E. g. I dont like any famous guys. I like only one and he isn't considered that famous since he is a youtuber and has about 430.000 subs. I like him cauz I think he has a nice sense of humor and he's clever. And not cauz he has fame. and most of girls dont like celebrities because they have fame and money but because the are more handsome then every day men (most of them).

  • Maybe that's why I don't get celebrity crushes. I don't care about power or fame.


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