Girls, Girls- How ugly am I? And is there any hope that any girl would ever find me attractive?

Girls, Girls- How ugly am I? And is there any hope that any girl would ever find me attractive?

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It's the only picture of myself I have- I've never had anyone who'd take decent pictures of me, and I don't take selfies because the camera on my phone is shit. And if your answer is 'Yes, you are ugly' (as the only girls who've responded to this poll so far have voted) then WHY? And HOW? What makes me so ugly, so abhorrent and repulsive that no girl can stand to look at me? WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?
Okay, the poll's got a bit more balanced now. Still, I'd like to get some idea as to why girls think I'm ugly, and how I'm ugly. Because it isn't my nature or my personality that's ugly- I've always been a 'nice guy', but no woman (besides my own mother- and that sparingly and fleetingly, outweighed by how often she's told me that I'm ugly) has ever told me that I'm attractive in my life. What makes me unattractive?


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  • It's weird. People subconsciously respond to an unconfident, or pessimistic vibe. So try using your imagination in a more positive way. Also, you could be attributing bad motives to body language that is not a negative reaction to you, and may have nothing to do with you. Trust me, I did it all the time, and discovered that I misunderstood a lot of people's feelings towards me. But only after I got rid of the hostile, untrusting barrier I had erected between myself and others. Some people will always be jerks, but the kind of attitude you're projecting will push away the nice ones.

    I understand that as Sikh, your religion is important to you. But is your beard your religion? Religion is a mindset, a pattern of beliefs held closely to your heart. If someone forcibly removed your beard would that change your beliefs? Who you were?

    Does God disapprove of those who don't wear beards? The Jews were considered God's chosen people, and having beards was a strict requirement, which helped visually set them apart from other pagan nations, preserving the pure line to the Messiah. The purpose of the law covenant was to prepare people for the Messiah, and when he came, it was no longer in effect. No more animal sacrifices. No more rituals. No more circumcision. No more strict clothing/beard rules.

    Since the Jews killed the Messiah, God rejected them as a whole and decided to start a new religion, Christianity allowing anyone who feared God to join. The Christian congregation consisted of Jews that still had beards, Arabs, Greeks and Romans that shaved. The converted Jews weren't allowed to impose their old covenant views on these new converts, because the Messiah's arrival made such procedures null and void. Still, Peter objected strongly to the acceptance of Gentiles into the congregation, but was corrected through a vision from God to stop calling things unclean that were clean (like eating pork and other habits of Gentiles). Peter realized God was not partial and that every man fearing him was acceptable, regardless of his eating or grooming habits. You might not agree, but I thought it was interesting.

    Unfortunately most people don't look flattering with beards, because it hides half of their face. You have handsome features, but it is difficult to see under that beard. Maybe you can find a nice Sikh girl to marry.


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  • Honestly, I think it's the beard. Personally, I think you would look a LOT better without it. It's overpowering your face so you can't really see your features. But I don't see a reason why you wouldn't be able to find someone that thinks you are good looking. It's not like you are so ugly that there is no hope, or really even ugly at all. I'd say probably a bit below average but not actually ugly.

    I think you should shave your beard and see if you get a better reception. Hair always grows back, right? So if you don't like it and don't see anything positive out of it, you can always grow it back.

  • you are not ugly nor handsome you are average I can tell if you shave the beard you will surprise yourself some men can do the beard thing and others can't , you my bro can not do a beard get rid off it

    get all mouth hair rid off is your hair braided? not working out for you
    you have a long oval shape face from what i can tell can teally your beard gets in the way but either

    i recommend this hair cut

    • just go to the salon and show them the picture if they ask you if you want it square or round from the back tell them square but before you sit down ask them if they are able to do the haircut because most people dont ask and at times the person cutting the hair doesn't actually know how to do the haircut because they are new or never done a hair cut as such before

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    • lets get one thing clear I never said do it I suggested !

      you clearly care to be liked if you didn't you wouldn't be posting a picture and asking if there is any hope of a girl liking you and asking if you are ugly

      you gotta choice which one do you care about more being wanted or your religion?

      if it is the religion then stop wasting your time posting questions about your apperance
      if you don't want an honest answer and few suggests

    • I did want an honest answer, and I thank you for it. But while I do care about being wanted, I also care about myself. My hair is a part of who I am- and if a girl can't accept me for who I am, if I'm not good enough for her solely because of my hair, then that girl would clearly be too superficial to form any meaningful, stable romantic relationship with- as soon as she saw someone better, or as soon as my style wasn't fresh enough for her any more, that girl would be gone. I care about whether or not any girl could possibly be attracted to ME; I couldn't give a toss about whether or not a girl could possibly find my haircut, my car or my clothes attractive, because it doesn't make the slightest bit of difference when I'm looking for something more enduring than a one-night stand.

  • You're an attractive dude. I'm assuming by your username that you're Sikh and choose not to cut your hair for cultural reasons, so I'm not gonna recommend to cut anything. I think men with longer hair and longer facial hair have a little extra challenge in a society where males with shorter hair and minimal facial hair is the norm, BUT that doesn't mean much. You've got a great face. I would recommend play around with your clothing and hairstyle if you want. I knew a Sikh dude who did, and he was charismatic as well. He had great luck with the ladies.

  • If you are not wearing a turban, I assume you don't feel strongly about hair or beard. If cutting it is an option for you I would suggest a stubble and short hair look which will let your features shine through. You have nice eyes and a kind smile. There's a lot of good things that you can feature more prominently and look attractive. Consider if your religious feelings are not hurt by it.

  • I like exotic guys. Don't ever lose the hair. Now you are the cool guy with the hair. If u cut it, u will b a guy... only

  • As far as physical appearance you look nice, but you have extremely low self esteem and most girls like confident guys. ( at least that's what I've noticed)

    • It's kind of hard to be confident when you've been rejected your entire life by anyone and everyone you've ever cared about, or invested yourself in hoping and praying that they'd care about you. And it's hard to have self-esteem when all that anyone else has ever told you is that you're a worthless, pitiful waste of oxygen who didn't even deserve to be born. I am confident about many things- my physical and intellectual abilities, for example- but I've never been given any reason to be confident about myself. All I need is one person to tell me to me face that I'm worth something, anything, and I'll get that optimism, self-esteem and self-confidence which I used to possess in abundance back when I was young. But I'm not young, innocent and carefree- I can't do it alone any more.

    • I completely get where you are coming from, and I honestly can't tell you how to maintain confidence, but what I can say is that you could find a middle ground. Like where you don't hate yourself but you don't love yourself/confident either. (I'm not that good at giving advice)

  • You're not ugly and of course girls will like you! Please be confident :)

    • But everyone else except you who's voted has said that I am ugly, and that there's practically no chance that any girl would ever find me attractive. Even you only voted that I wasn't THAT ugly- that's still telling me that I'm ugly. I've tried to be confident about myself for so long, but why should I keep deluding myself to think that I'm anything special when every girl I've ever approached tells me that I'm not? I should just accept that I'm ugly and worthless, give up on love and romance, and go lose my virginity to a prostitute...

    • I actually didn't vote anything, but you aren't ugly at all. How can you expect others to love you when you can't love yourself? It is so important to respect yourself and not let others get you down. This might take time, but I know you can do it :) and even if you don't find yourself attractive, you should focus on your other good features.

  • You look like a nice and funny guy.

    You have a kind smile and pretty eyes. You just haven't met the right girl yet.

  • Try cutting your hair, and the beard.

  • You're handsome and not ugly at all! :)

    • Really? So, which of my features do you find handsome, and why?

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