Girls, Thoughts on male body hairs?

Do you feel and agree that male body and facial hair is a totally useless thing and a huge mistake still made by nature? And it would have been much much better if men were almost at least as little hairy as females are as in No or rare upper body hair, almost ni facial hair, and just some lower leg hairs. The world then would have been much much more beautiful and sexier?
But unfortunately men are hairy and even very hairy with hairs as thick as pubes growing even in torso. Ew.
Di you think that then the population would have been much much more as it is now/even when man are hairy and even super hairy?


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  • I personally don't think about it too much. However I do hate my own pubic hairs

    • Hahaha am not about your or female body hair at all. In fact I LOVE female body hair. Weird I guess but IDC.

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    • Thanks for the MH!

    • It's MY pleasure ma'am

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  • I gotta be honest I can deal with some body hair, but if its looking like carpet I cannot deal with it