:( Is it time to start cutting?

I'm talking about my hair, sillies. inb4 angry Tumblrinas. All right, to make this as brief as possible, I'm a guy with long hair in a very conservative place (Alabama, to be precise) and catch a lot of shit for it. I had it halfway to my waist for a long time, but cut it back to my shoulders and people still bitch about it. "You look like a girl!" (Long hair = female? Tell that to a lot of the men who lived up to the early 20th century.) "It's not professional!" (Women are professional with long hair, but I'm not? Sexist much?) I've gotten pretty tired of it, and I've considered reverting to the buzz cut of my childhood. Are the h8ers right about it looking bad? Picture kind of sucks as I was drained at the time, but I doubt I'll look better if I do it again. Thanks.

:( Is it time to start cutting?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • You don't look bad with it.

    I'm surprised people would have the balls to say that to you😂

    Do what you want with it, it's your hair dude.

    • Ha. It's usually older people that say stuff like that. I get the occasional Caitlyn Jenner type of name-calling stuff from those my own age, but not often.

      Thanks for commenting.

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    • NP, I appreciate the kind words. I'll keep the hair for the time being and may experiment later on, but for now I'll keep enjoying the poll results and giving a figurative finger to all the old suburban suits. :P

    • Good idea.

      Hair grows back so if you do cut it off, you can just grow it out again.

      And the Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner insult is more like a compliment, she has really good hair.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I thought people got over those hangups on hair a long time ago. Time for my theme song.


    I've had long hair for most of the last 45 years. Around 1970 I was one of the very first people in my school to grow their hair. There were three of us in school with longish hair when the dress code was finally changed. So we barely escaped being expelled from school.

    Back then it wasn't so much about style as it was a statement. It was a symbol against all the things we were against. It was a symbol against people who were so concerned about trivial shallow things like hair. In short, it was a great big fuck you to society of the past, to the government, to all the bullshit in the world.

    Things are different now. Most, but not all people have gotten over their hangup on hair. It's more about style now than making a statement. You have several choices.

    Leave your hair long because you like it.
    Leave it long as a statement or in protest.
    Cut it because you want to.
    Cut it because realistically it will slightly help getting jobs.
    Cut it because of peer pressure.

    Keep in mind that if you grow it as a statement, there is a price to that. If you cut it because of society pressure, it won't be the only thing you do in your life because of society. Humans are social creatures. The only reason why society works is because people adhere to some basic (mostly unwritten) rules. We are part of something larger.

    Your hair, your choice.

    • Wow, that's pretty deep stuff. Career options are part of it, though long-term I'd like to teach music (piano and voice) and it probably wouldn't matter much there. If I do cut it, I doubt I'll revert to something extremely conservative.

    • Well, you brought up the social stuff, so I ran with it. :P

      Yea in music it won't matter. It might even be a plus. Even in the south I doubt if it will matter much for most jobs. It really depends on who is hiring though. For some people it will make a small difference. For a few it might be a deal breaker.

    • Sounds good. On the off chance I have to get a "real" job (I'd like to dual major in Chemistry) I may cut back a bit, but would probably regrow it after being accepted. I appreciate the input.

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What Girls Said 3

  • you looks so much better with short hair
    you looks like a cute girl with the long hair... when I was looking at your pic earlier, i thought you're a girl... until I read all your question lolz

    • Haha, I don't think I've ever actually been mistaken as a girl before, though I've gotten some joking along that line.

  • it doesn't look bad on you but i feel like a cut looks a bit cleaner

  • I mean minus all that grease hippie shit, cut your hair dude. Unless you like it long, in which case keep it. Its really your call cuz its ur hair.


What Guys Said 5

  • I think you'd look much better cutting it. However BEFORE you do that, you may as well try out a few styles of longer hair along the way! (both longer styles (think Harry Styles), and incrementally shorter styles, until you find one that you like.
    If you feel like a style would suit you, go ahead! Ask your barber to freestyle (they should be able to come up with a design that suits your face shape). After all, if you decide you dont like a style, you can always have it cut shorter and shorter.

    • Alright thanks, I've thought about a more mid-length cut before and may try that out. Before I make any decisions though, I want to see if the long hair haters really triumph in the polls, haha.

  • I like long hair on guys

  • Lmao where in bama? I am from Alabama too and no need to cut that hair son, Em boots before em toots

    • Vestavia Hills, suburban Birmingham. I guess it's worth noting that I'm actually from NY and didn't move here until I was in middle school or so (also around the time I started growing it.)

      Thanks for the advice.

  • Nah leave it Tarzan.

  • Lol. Keep it.. ironically, you look like someone who would actually cut (wrist)

    • Haha, I'm no emo, I'm missing the angled eyepatch fringe they have. That hoodie looked way darker than it does in person.

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