If aesthetics are subjective then how can you explain the comments on the hottest don't judge me challenge guys YouTube compilations?

I mean... if looks are subjective then it should imply that EVERY guy can get those comments... if they were at their absolute peak right? I would like to believe that is true but... some say otherwise. What's the genetic requirement? How to know if you make the cut?


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  • Looks aren't really as subjective as you may think. Generally, people can agree if a person is attractive or not based on the "Golden ratio." Facial structure and symmetry plays in a role of how physically attractive a person is. There are maybe debate in terms of who is more attractive. A woman knows her beauty by the amount of offers or compliments she receives. If she is pursued by many men, generally, she is really attractive. For men, it's a bit different. While looks are important to many women, most women prefer a man with status, power, and fame over physical looks. Now, if you really want to know if you make the cut, you can either submit a photo to a website that rates people and see where you fall.

    • Lol but you see... I already asked here... to rate me vs Young Brad Pitt and Francisco Lachwoski. Surprisingly enough it was around 65 35 (I was 35). And many said equal. But some said I was delusional. Which makes me feel bad. And on top of that... wouldn't asking online be kind of inaccurate given how photos can make people look different depending on lighting and camera angles and quality? I just an accurate way to know if I am ridiculously horny facially or not. You may say that I would know. Maybe if I lived in a western country. I live in an Asian country and girls here don't tell you anything regarding looks until you are close buddy buddies and by then they are probably just being nice. I just wanna know for sure if my face is super hot or notm

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    • How to know if my face is super hot?

    • People running around online like on this website aren't the best to judge attractiveness lol

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  • There's a genetic requirement guideline online too you know..

    • Lol Wut?

    • Dude please give me some advice on how to know this. I need to know. BADLY.

  • All to do with look and popularity

  • Just because you didn't put your picture this time, it doesn't mean this isn't you my Indian friend.

    • Okay... Maybe I am. Maybe I am not. Maybe I am some other vain guy. But whatever. Please tell me how TO KNOW IF one has the genes? I mean in the end... it is genes. Many Girls have said I look good and have potential to look as hot as Francisco Lachowski and Sean O Pry at my max (which is what counts... my max). Some have said no. Who tf do I trust?

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