Girls, would u date me (Q series_1)?

im 5'6 1/2
i look good.(u wouldn't reject me for looks)
i m a liitle skinny
not good at studies
average sense of humour
productive, good at giving up addictions but i go to seek them usually
need to find my purpose
just say the answer dont say i can't this is a non serious question but want to be judged (height)


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  • Yes I would date someone with your personalty type, for me someone being athletic and into playing sports is a big turn on.
    having a sense of humor yes is a good thing.
    I love skinny.
    For me someone who's athletic, the athletic out-ways the book smarts.

    I'm the complete opposite of you though.
    I'm 5'9 1/2 (yes I'm a tall girl)

    • If you look so good wears your picture?
      How come theirs no photo in other words?

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    • not that i have too much self esteem that's making me think im good it's from what a few people have said

    • You are so very welcome, I'm glad you feel better about yourself from positive comments

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  • No I wouldn't because I'm 5'8 and I can't date a guy shorter than me.

    • what if i was 5'8 too i am 5'7 actually it was an evening measurment...
      ill get 5'8 -9 till 20 im a late bloomer kinda person