Girls, I have two chipped front teeth: is that a 100% deal breaker?

Fixing them would be 1000$ a piece for extraction and implants. I don't have 2400$ to spend right now and my dental insurance doesn't cover any of the implant cost.

Should I just accept being lonely for the next 1-2 years until I finish college and can afford to get them fixed?


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  • It depends on how big the chips are.


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  • Probably, if you think its significant enough to make a post about. Being in a relationship is overrated. Use this as an opportunity to weed out the shallow girls.

    • Being in a relationship isn't overrated if you've been completely without social contact for about 4 years. I know that sounds "pathetic", but when you understand I've had a psychologically traumatizing past finding someone to help me feel loved and trusted is pretty damn important.

    • I understand, trust me. I've endured mental & physical abuse, being treated worse than an animal. It stripped me of all dignity, and I struggled for years to overcome feelings of worthlessness and complete disbelief. There's nothing pathetic about your situation. But 'IVE had a psychologically traumatizing past' and need someone to 'help ME feel loved and trusted' sounds a little self oriented. That's not a good foundation for any relationship. Being in a relationship means you have to take care of THEIR issues along with your own, and that will strain your relationship if you're still like this.

      Since you're craving social contact, making friends of either gender should suffice for now. Resist the urge to have a pity party. Remember that you're a different person. Release the power of the past. Initiate friendships. Get out of your comfort zone. I did and I broke free, and I dare say I'm happy.

      I still want friends, but I've found other things that make me happy. Will keep trying.