Do I have a Naturally Harsh Look? How to improve it?

I've had so many comments by people I know & strangers saying I have a "harsh" look, some even saying I look like a Vampire.

I'm Half Russian Half Romanian which I think contributes a lot to my look.

Most of my friends are beachy hotties, who are petite, tan hotties then here I am 5'11, pale long black hair ghost lol.

I've never really been into makeeup or hair dying as I preffered the natural look but after getting numerous comments I'm starting to think I should, Any Suggestions?


The horrid eyebrows (Before they were waxed) and the silly pose. I tried to take a pic where I look most of the time.

I know that pic looks extremely resting bitch face but I was trying to look normal which didn't work.


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  • It's hard to say on the basis of one picture. You're certainly interesting looking, and don't take that as a negative, you definitely have some good strong, even modelesque, features that you could build upon. Cool eyes by the way.

    With regard to looking more friendly. All the basic principles apply. I can only make presumptions based on the (scant) information provided), but I generally find what works to me is people who generally have yin constitutions (ie, reflective, more indoorsy, psychological, pale complexion, slimmer body, tend towards coldness) as opposed to yang constitutions (effectively, the opposite, false dichotomy of: ruddy complexion, thickset, more physical and active, etc). If yin sounds like you, simply do more yang activity. Meet more people. I personally can recommended the humble press up (and exercises of that ilk :)).

    Are you looking after your health in general? Extreme yin (therefore unhealthy foods) include refined sugar, chemicals, drugs, alcohol, processed and refined foods in general. What's your emotional state like? Meditation or other awareness practices can be helpful for that. Again, personal experience dictates that people who are angry or inflexible in the repressed sense tend to scowl a lot. One could strengthen their liver by sticking to the dietary principles outlined and not eating too many rich or fatty foods. Personally, I find dairy products to effect my liver quite a lot, but that is controversial, obviously. Just some ideas. See what applies to you :)


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  • You have really nice skin, eyes, and bone structure! I think that if you got your brows to work with you and explored a layered hairstyle you would see changes in how people see you.

    • Thank you for you advice :) i'm thinking of getting the chop sick of my hair.

    • Do you have something like "Locks of Love"? That can be a really rewarding way to go shorter :)

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  • Smile some more yeah? I honestly don't know what looks you're really going for, unless you want to look harsh or have that resting bitch face

    • You look good either way

    • I do smile, a lot. I'm a happy person, that pic I'm just trying to look a bit normal lol even though it comes of bitchy.

  • Link didn't work for me


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  • I think you have a unique look and I don't think it's "harsh". For some reason you remind me of the singer Amy Lee from Evanescence, it might be your hair. But anyway, I don't think you should change yourself, I actually really like how you look. :P