How do Instagram models become Instagram models? Serious question. And how to know if you have what it takes?


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  • i was talking to my dad about a subject similar to this. we were saying that anyone who's made it big, like REALLY BIG in life has always had a bit of luck involved, meaning good connections and just someone crossing their path who paved the way for their career to take off.
    engineering, fashion, modelling, architecture, science, makeup, blogging, photography, artists. you name it.


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  • Here's how to be ig model for guy guide -

    > Get jacked or if you already are, Congratz
    > Bang sorostitutes and sloots and have them bitching on your page to create a little controversy
    > post A1 shirtless pics all over your ig for sloots to follow
    > Put up videos of you benching 225 or over here and there for the guys to follow
    > at least become MCM of 5 insta famous sloots
    > Congratz. You insta famous

    • Wow... and I thought all you had to do was become jacked and super groomed up and upload pics using the hashtags...😅😅😅...

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    • How to know if my face is 10/10 or 9/10? Or 11/10? I know I am at worst a 7. AT worst.

    • You really don't have anything to worry about OP, just do three of these steps and neccesarilly second last step for quicker way. You'd have tons of nerds on ig shipping you and famous sloot together = You insta famous

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  • You gotta fuck the right people

    • Lol I'm serious here. Talking about the males by the way

  • Instagram fame is pure luck I think