What would be an accurate way to measure facial aesthetics objectively (pics are NOT ACCURATE)?

I can show you a pic of me where I look like a 3 and another where I look like a 9. Lighting and angles. SO pics don't freaking count.
Gauging women's responses? Well women respond positively to me all the time but I also happen to be muscular and very intelligent (top 5 in class, engineering). BUT I need to know where my face ALONE stands... is there a way to know that involves something akin to walking into a modelling agency (not pics... physically being there) and asking? Like a facial aesthetics check up clinic?😅😅 jk kinda 😅😅


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  • "aesthetics objectively"

    Nice paradox.

    Sure you can make it as objective as possible by eliminating as much subjective qualities from an image but ultimately it's going to be judged on a subjective basis.

    Well what about a 'reference portrait' similar to one done for translating a face to computer graphics. Multi-angle shots of a neutral face, simple background maybe even a green-screen for easier chroma keying.

    • Is there a place to ask in real life and find out where you stand compared to male models and Channing Tatums of the world? I KNOW I AM at least decent. But what am I at BEST?

    • This is for ego purposes...😅😅😈😈

    • What looks good changes with the times. If you really want to rank yourself then take a lot of data. All the data regarding men and their attractive features. I'm not talking surveys or polls. That's subjective. I'm talking heatmaps of viewed areas, internet and real life viewing habits, more invasive crap that's closest to an individual's truth.

      Aggregate all that data and there is going to be a trend of what ranks the highest.

      I'm sure any reputable brand with advertising have already done such a thing. They already have aggregated data for what their audience ranks 'best'. Calvin & Klein... Motorcycle magazine.. PrisonSoapBoxGangBang... EMO..

      Frankly, best in the world is impossible. No matter how hard one tries, one will always be in a pool of other good looking men because the 'tastes' of individuals are unique and broad.

  • pictures compared to how you see yourself in the mirror, pictures are more accurate to how others would see you

    • And do you just pull that shit outta your ass? Cameras make your face a 3d object into 2d. That and lens distortion coupled with lighting and camera quality and angles can make me look like a 3 a 5 and an 8 maybe even a 9

    • when looking at yourself in the mirror you can catch the light perfectly, yknow'amean, i mean i look shitty in pictures compared to mirror, but mirror is also a reversed image, where pictures reverse and then reverse it back so its as if seeing yourself from a persons view, maybe pictures just look ugly to us cause we aren't used to seeing ourselves like that (there aren't any metaphors in that)

  • Try what you said and walk into a modelling agency to see what they think.