What would be an accurate way to know how good one looks FACIALLY w/o using pics (very very inaccurate) or gauging women's reactions (too variable)?

Why are pics inaccurate? I can post a pic where I look like a 2 (maybe not that bad but you know...) and another where I look close to a 9 or 10. ALL depending on lighting and camera but not much on actual facial aesthetics. Women's reactions also depend on your personality and body. SO that is not an accurate way to know how good your FACE is.
Is there a facial aesthetics test?


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  • use a facial symmetry software like this one:

    its the only scientific way of judging aesthetics

    • Lol different pictures of me (all straight on) get different scores... that app isn't really accurate.

    • take the average and remember each position of your head give different readings try and have a natural facial expression

    • Hmmm okay

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  • I don't think it can be done

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