I'm 18? Will my body still develop?

This is my measurement. 36-23.5- 38. I want to know whether my body will still develop or this is it... I'm tall so my chest looks small and It's embarrassing to look like a kid... ... about the underage.. can't change it cz it was random

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  • how old are you?
    those measurements sound great to me. nice waist to hip ratio. shape and feeling are as important as the size... just because they are smaller doesn't mean they don't look good. don't worry about it :)


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  • You're basically done developing. Your body has already decided where it primarily stores fat (which based off your measurements seems to be your hips, classic pear shape). Your waist to hip ratio is amazing, plenty of women would kill to have such a small waist with full hips like that.


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  • You sound really curvy I don't understand what the problem is.

    Pubertys most likely done with, but if you gain weight, your breasts could get bigger but so would other parts

  • that's very individual

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