If there is no objective way to rate facial aesthetics then why do some people say "not everyone CAN be a 9 or 10 to the majority "? mean? honest?

Obviously a fat ungroomed guy would be considered delusional for thinking he is a 9 or 10 to the majority. But a guy who basically does everything a male model does and is at his maximum potential facially? Would even he be delusional to think he is a 9 or 10 to the majority? Why or why not?


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  • Everyone can be a 9 or a 10 to someone. Beauty's subjective plus we have a lot of options nowadays to add to our looks like makeup and plastic surgery and make up again

    • Notice I said to someone because no matter how well groomed one is the majority can still find that person below average, average or slightly above average

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    • HOW CAN I KNOW what the majority think of my face?

    • Basically how many times you catch a girl staring at you, how many girls hit on you, the feedback you receive about your looks from friends, strangers, and relatives

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