I have never been with a woman who I intimately liked who liked me back. What is wrong with me?

Once I did, one time (for about five years). We have two kids together, but I found out she's a sociopath later so she was incapable of truly loving or knowing what she truly wanted or caring at all. So technically I have never ever been with a girl whom I would intimately like and who liked me back in an intimate way. To clear this up a little more, I've never even slept with a woman who I really liked or would like to intimately be with.

I've slept with a few women who liked me in that way, and wanted a real relationship - just a few, they didn't last long because I didn't truly like them in that way. I felt like it was wrong and it was, I've never bedded a girl I truly wanted to be with except for that relationship with the sociopath when I was younger, that lasted around five years. I have a lot of talents, play the guitar, I'm athletic, card tricks, fun, loving, adventerous, creative, military experience and accomadations, etc, but I just get so nervous around women I am really attracted to, I've told them how I feel but I've been rejected so many times.

Recently I've messed my life up with bad decisions - I feel like its too late and I'm beginning to feel like a relationship, a real one will never happen for me - I don't want to get together with a woman when I'm older when my best years are now... young love is the best and I feel like I'm going to miss out and just become more resentful, my kids were taken and then I made some bad decisions drinking... not related to baby drama mama - but that's why I was drinking.

I hate life.


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  • You paint your life with your actions and words. Don't lose hope, but I think you should really reconnect with your kids and be supportive and be involvein their life. Kids need their fathers and mothers to show them the right path (of course they don't always listen but that's kids). Life is short if you want to fall in love go ahead, just be honest and truthful to the women you love. Stop drinking excessively, we are only human we will break become weak, but we will get stronger mentally and physically. That's where we change our lives to become better humans. People are not fair in life but we change it. To make it better for us and our family and love ones... it just start with you. Don't give up have faith, believe.


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  • Here's a secret: you never will, because unicorns don't exist.


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  • I have spent the last 12 years married to a controlling manipulating man sometimes you have to look back at the people your attracted to and ask yourself why you like them and in cases like ours where children are involved you had to ask will this relationship be what I would want for my children even though we may not see it children learn from what they see us doing and learn from the relationships we put ourself into. I do hope you find someone who you can love and be loved back the same.

  • Maybe sub-consciously you are comparing women you are with to your ex. It could be that you are not as satisfied sexually with the newer women, because your ex was what you wanted and in part you still want her. In order to move forward, try making a list of things you want sexually in a partner or relationship before engaging in one. When you find a woman that has what you want and become intimate with her, perhaps you will be able to fully move on and be with someone that wants you as much as you want them.


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