Racial sexy battle 1!(female): Asian vs Black. Who wins?


Racial sexy battle 1!(female): Asian vs Black. Who wins?


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  • Black
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Seems the boys like the Asians and the girls like black.
Winner will be crowned when racial sexy battle 2!(female) is posted in the near future.
Haven't decided if it will be the winner to go against another sexy race or if two new races will battle. Let me know what you would prefer to see.
The winner is: ASIAN!!! and Asian will go on to take on the next sexy race


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  • daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, okay this is hard, i voted Asian but im not sure, Asian 3 and black 1 are head to head... i dont know


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  • Wait so women have to be basically naked in order to look sexy? 😳

    • No but its one way of achieving it

    • Also shows off the differences in their stereotypical body shape characteristics.
      It is racial battle after all.

  • Doesn't really matter there are attractive females from both races and also unattractive females from both race. in my opinion it's a tie

    • That may be your "opinion" but Asian is winning the vote

    • okay. so? it's still my opinion that both races are tied. in my opinion no race better looking than another. they all have their unique traits which can be viewed as attractive or unattractive depending on the individual's preference

    • Yeah, you said that...

What Guys Said 10

  • I don't have a racial preference, I can't judge on that basis. But from my point of view, all these women are killer attractive.

  • OK, you represent only one Asian race (japs) and mixture of Black. To your knowledge Asia also include Black Indians and whole middle East with Chinese and major part of Russia I can understand for Iran and Pakistan as Stupid scum consider the Aryans to be ancestors of Europe
    By the way I doesn't Fucking matter I will fuck her as long as She has Vagina.

    • While middle easterners are geographically Asians, they aren't ethnically. Same with Russians.

      I do agree though that it's a very limited view on what Asians can look like.

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    • I wouldn't use the term Aryan. The meaning of it has become too skewed. Some people say white Europeans are aryan. Iike Germans and stuff

    • Well, there is no term known to Europe till 18th century when British invade Subcontinent and translate their literature in to their own language, its very common here in Asia and the Iran have direct meaning to it "IRAN" meaning land of Aryans and Iran also hosts the world oldest civilization Sumarians so its simple and if you have seen "300" you will know the King "Dauris", the greatest king have these words written on his tomb
      I am King of Kings
      and I belong to aryan family
      So my tall and blonde friends and chicks you are not Aryans neither are your fathers, if it means "master race" doesn't mean you all are them. I am saying they are super cool but truth is truth every one should be proud of What he is, By the way neither are hindus aryans.

  • The last girl is hotter then any of the other girls on the other pictures.

    • Did you vote for her?

  • Asian wins but 1st two black girls can get the D

  • The blasian chick wins

  • Asians ftw

  • The pics are a bit trashy for me - I don't like any of the pics

    • Just vote the race you like then

  • holy fuck...

  • All except the first Asian girl who looks underage

    • She's not, she's just petite. Meant to show stereotype body of some Asian girls. And cuteness.

    • I'm not saying she is that's just how she looks. Personally I like a sexy woman with some shape to her body but everyone is different

  • Ugh so difficult, I'm more of an Asian type of guy so I'll go with Asian.

    • Ok, hope you voted because the poll of decides the winner.
      Would you like to see the winning race in the next sexy race battle or 2 new races?

    • I voted, I guess you could do 2 new races.