Taking selfies to pick yourself apart?

Does anyone else do this? I find myself taking pictures of myself a lot. There not being taken to post on social media, no cute angles to flatter myself but rather i take them to see how my face really looks. I'll use the front camera wth flash and take a picture dead on. I'll observe it, find things I hate about myself and then delete it. I hate my nose, it looks so big ad my eyes are tiny. I can never do my eyebrows right, and my lips are always so dry and peeling. I have a round head too and my jaw seems off to one side, like my bite is off. The funny thing is I don't notice this in the mirror, just when I take pictures. I feel like a picture version is what people see when they look at me and I hate thinking about how ugly I look. :(

I can take nice pictures if it's the camera that's facing me and I find angles that don't draw attention to these flaws, but there still there. I never let anyone take pictures of me for that reason.


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  • I get what ur saying but i tend to view my face as a whole. Sure im not overly satisfied with every single feature but i seriously feel there's no point complaining. When u appreciate your face as a whole entity rather than separate parts, u feel better. Also remember that the way u view yourself is much harder than anyone else.


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  • We are our worst critic so I think a lot of people dobit


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