Girls would you say I'm attractive enough to date? Just kinda want to know where I stand?

So I did ask something very similar a couple days ago however it keeps telling me the link is broken on my account to it, and I realized a poll would've been much easier so if you seen that one please don't jump down my throat for asking this.

Anyway I can't grow hair, I lost it to shock my body went through, I recovered hair will not. In any case I just want to know how I stack up looks wise, if I can still get a young attractive looking girl even with my shaved head I'll be fine, and please no looks don't matter answers, I'd prefer to be based solely on looks for this question. Thanks and be brutally honest here, if you're friends and you all dislike a bald head, say that. Just please no feel good answers

im mostly confused as I've had a lot of girls tell me I look great bald, then turn around and say they couldn't date a bald guy-you can see my confusion.

(not sure why the pics are literally screen shotting my webpage but roll with it
Girls would you say I'm attractive enough to date? Just kinda want to know where I stand?

I'm a small guy, about 140, I work out a ton just can't gain mass really just tone

and bs this is just to show I don't have a bad head shape:

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  • Sorry I don't find you attractive really
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  • Sorry I don't think you look bad, but I find a bald head so young to be a turn off, I'd probably hold out for a guy with hair
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Sorry, realized I put no results column for guys
Also there is a small but of shadow I can't get rid of, so you can see the are where I have hair as opposed to where I lost it a bit under certain lights more than others Here is a pic of the shadow, you can see where more hair was lost on top or near ear etc


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  • You're very attractive. I'd see pass the no hair thing. If you're personality's great as well I'd definitly go out with you in a couple of years.
    If someone likes you but can't see pass it, you're better off without them.

    • I admit looks matter, we are human and we are physical and I have high standards myself too in a partners looks, so I can't blame a girl for not getting past something without becoming s hypocrite (although to be honest I think I could date a girl if it turned out she wore a wig from lost hair or whatever)

      The main thing I was worried about was if no hair made a guy a lot less attractive or if I can hold up against other decent looking guys without it, if it was a deal breaker or not to girls you know?

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    • Really even though you can see areas where the scalp was affected on top and kinda behind ear etc

    • Yes, really.
      Honestly I don't think you should waste too much time over thinking this. You'll do absolutely fine in the dating world. And you have to love yourself before you can love someone else :) Even the things you're most self conscious about. Trust me, they won't matter to the right person.

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  • You would be so, so, oh so perfect nefarious movie villain.

    Dude, if this was 20-25 years ago, and you modded yrself just a teeny little bit more toward the nefarious-villain side of things, I'd ride that shit so hard and fast you'd get concrete burns all the way up yr back.

    You better believe it.

    • Um, thanks? I can't tell if this is supposed to be mocking sarcasm or legitimate compliments?

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    • @Beaver19, redeyemindtricks ( You would be so, so, oh so perfect nefarious movie villain.) To be a 100% honest, he looks like Saitama from One Punch Man which isn't villain but in overall looks similar same to him anyway. Not in a bad way ofc.

    • Is that a good or bad thing?

  • Your eyes are extremely beautiful

    • So a guy not having hair wouldn't be an issue? Even if you could lightly see the shadow of hair roots where I still have hair vs where I lost it (last pic you can see it on the side not on top)

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    • I get this is a QA site, just figured it was the best option for honesty non bull answers on how I stack up, I just don't want 'feel good answers etc' also I'm just under 6 ft so not overly tall but that's besides the point, I appreciate the kind words.

    • I meant every word I said, and I was giving my true honest opinion. (no bull)
      I'm 5'9.


  • I mean... I find you attractive.
    Beautiful is in the eyes of its beholder.
    You're not going to date every women with an opinion of who you are , and its great to find one women who loves you for you.

    • I get that and as I said to others I do only want something legit so if I got one attractive girl and it worked out in my 20's I'd be happy, I do admit looks factor into the attractiveness part and you could definitely say I have high standards, but in the some token I've turned down attractive girls who just wanted sex so I wouldn't call myself shallow either.

      Like I said if I knew I could still get an attractive girl around my age to find me attractive physically and make it work mentally I wouldn't care in the slightest-besides winter being colder without hair.

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    • Would the shadow showing areas where I lost hair be an issue? (In the update) and I can't get rid of that its under the skin

    • No not at all in all honesty

  • You're handsome but a little too old for me lol
    How did you lose your hair, of you don't mind me asking?

    • A couple years ago serious shit was going down, my father died right after I graduated, my mother was breaking down and I'm the only child, I was essentially on my own suddenly after school, then soon after I was being tested for several different serious disorders linked to benign issues I was born with, (long long story) and there were things like crippling dystrophies etc the docs were worried about, so only child, watching mom lose her shit every night, plus still mourning my father added on to the idea of maybe being crippled was not productive for sleep, I burn stress by moving so I hit the gym, eventually between the tests the did and stress etc I just about fell over and was diagnosed with clinical exhaustion. This ain't lay down for a couple days this takes months for a system to recover and runs resources dry, to help sustain itself my body cut resources to Bon essentials-2of every 3 hairs on the top of my scalp fell out, and my nails stopped growing. While the rest of me

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    • In the first picture you look cute enough to date but in the other two you look kinda derpy. Lol. Your face is cute.

    • Derpy? Haha um how? Haha

  • Please don't look for validation here.

    • Why do you say that? Unreliable site? I wouldn't call it validation really, more that this is the best place I know of where people will most likely be honest given the anonymity, and I was very conflicted on confidence in that I pull off bald vs. the number of attractive girls who've shot me down because of no hair despite that. So while I admit I do want to know the truth about where I stand I wouldn't really call it validation,

      Also most of the feedback is positive-unless of course that's not true and people are just saying what I want to hear-so i don't understand why this would be a bad place to investigate

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    • No your attractive you see this right here days later my commenta have stick with you and you instead of focusng on the lovely comments mine stick in your head you are attractive you do have gorgeus eyes you probably could used a couple plates of lasangna but u are great and thanks for making my point for me... Now go get em u sexy beast.

    • I concede that you did prove your point a bit, even if I was unaware fully, but you do have to recognize that a guy losing his hair at 18 and never having had a legit girlfriend yet (while having plenty of rejections) in a society where Beiber cuts rule the day-is of course going to be self conscious of it. I admit looks matter a lot to me as well, I have high standards even on them but I'd give that girl my all, I simply couldn't do that for a plain girl or average etc. so I don't blame girls for needing looks either that'd be hypocritical of me.

  • You have a handsome face, but I'm used to dating guys with hair.

    • So you couldn't get past no hair? I don't know if you read the description however I can't grow hair I lost mine.

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    • Nah it wouldn't be a dealbreaker. That's ridiculous xD

    • Would the shadow of hair (which also slightly shows the areas I lost it) be an issue? I put a pic in the update

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  • GROW SOME FUCKIN FACIAL HAIR AND LOOK LIKE A BOSS image one looks better with the little facial hair, in pic 2 u look weird. When i go bald (if i do) imma have the sickest beard bc bald + no beard makes u look weird

    • The agency I skydive for doesn't allow facial hair, even so it was affected by my condition too so facial hair is something I can't have either I was lucky I at least kept my eyebrows, to me personally the whole big beard with bald head just looks over compensatory, and gaudy, I don't mind not being able to have facial hair personally, and it seems girls don't mind either.

    • Nearly every guy I know who's young and bald has no beard by the way haha, and also I have the same amount of stubble in both pics just the sunlight shows through it.

    • wow u must have a fun job! well u gain gain some muscle

  • I know you asked the girls but please let me play queer eye for the straight guy

    you aren't ugly, but could look better by tanning and putting some muscle on your shoulders, that always looks good on bald guys. Also I bet if you smirked instead of smiling and squinted your eyes a little bit you would look really good in photos.

    • I have a hyperbolic system, if you don't know what that means it's technically a disorder where my body breaks down materials 3times faster than average, I weigh under 140, eat very well and work out nearly every day. I gain hardly any weight given the hyperbolic I legitimately can't really as my body maintains this weight. Also I can't tan, the same dermatologist who diagnosed me with the scalp issue did a skin evaluation and expressedly told me that my skin is one step above ginger, and tanning even artificially would not darken it (already knew that)

    • Also you don't seem to be saying I'm decent looking either, you can be blunt with me, believe me another guys opinion won't ruin my day, the way you say I'm not ugly but then not finish seems to imply in far from good looking as well