Please be honest everybody, Do I look ugly or handsome?

I want honest vote. If i look ugly vote for ugly but If i look handsome vote for handsome please. Thanks to all.
Please be honest everybody, Do i look ugly or handsome ?

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  • You look handsome
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  • I would want to be your girlfriend
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  • I never would want to be your girlfriend
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I just wonder which pressed for I would want to be your gf? hahahaha :D
Thanks to all for vote


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  • I'm sorry I pressed the wrong button. You look handsome although you would look even better if you had facial hair 😊

    • Thanks for nice words and no problem if you pressed the wrong button hehehe

  • You're not ugly.

  • You look handsome , in russia girls loves Turkish mens. now i understand why they love Turkish mens

    • but we have politic problems and russian girls loves TΓΌrk men , TΓΌrk mens loves russian girls thats ironic as a film story ^^

  • Handsome you look like a Bollywood star lol.

    • Δ± live in east Europe i am from east Europe but Thanks :D

    • Oh sorry, anyway you're beautiful man for sure.

    • and you are kind lady. thanks for nice words

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