Could you rate my friend on a scale of 1-10 please?

I have permission to use the photo

Could you rate my friend on a scale of 1-10 please?

  • He's 1-3
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  • He's a 6
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  • He's a 7
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  • He's a 9-10
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Haha the guys on average are rating him way higher than the girls XD
Bump for more answers. I guess I should add what do you actually think besides just putting a number down?
Gosh the votes are too wide spread to get a good estimate.


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  • I don't rate people but he's good looking! I'm sure he's got really nice smile!
    He's got amazing hair, but if I were him I'd change the hairstyle so that you can see his forehead. You usually say that someone with a big forehead suits with bangs/hair that covers the forehead since it gives the illusion that it's smaller. But he seems to have a forehead that's a little bit on the shorter side so his face will look more symmetrical if he gets the hair out of his face.

    Based on looks I'd date him if I weren't in a relationship.

    • He does have an adorable smile. But he's a prick and refuses to ever smile :/ I have to be really goofy to squeeze one out of him.

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  • You are cute. I love blonde boys/

  • that seven.

  • He's super cute

  • He has lovely eyes and nice hair (though he should get the sides cut, the way it is now looks childish). He looks like a guy next door, 6 1/2 perhaps?

  • Which one means nice? I think 9-10 is nice and voted for him. 😂

    • 9-10 is the attractive side 1-3 is the not so hot side.