What would be the most objective way to find out how good your facial genetics are?

These are BS:
1) Rate me questions using pics. Hurr durr one girl says you're a perfect 10 bae and another says you're a 5 or 6 hurr durr. PLUS cameras aren't accurate.
2) See how many women reject you/don't reject you. That depends way too much on how good your charisma is and therefore this method is BS.
3) Girls looking at you. I THINK girls look at me a lot. But there's no way you know for sure if they were looking at something in your general direction or you. SO BS.
4) Anaface/Symmeter only measures symmetry. Not how sexually attractive your face is.

So with those BS popular methods outta the way... how can you find out if your face is ridiculously good looking or not IN REAL LIFE? I wish something like Rate me centres existed IRL. If you say"you don't need validation"... then don't fucking call me delusional when I think I'm a 10!!!😑


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  • Symmetry plus proportion and closeness of eyes.


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