I realized this about myself, now tell me step by step what to do?

the shape of my eyes and nose is exactly like marcelo alvarez, my face is longish too like his and my jawline is a lot like his too and my facial hair grows the same way, but i must be a 6/10 guy at best while he is a 10/10, my body fat percentage is 20, he is at no more than 9 or 10, if i lower it and groom myself a bit can i look nearly as good as him or at least an 8/10? I had asked a how do i look question here long back and a few girls thought i was super good looking (8-9/10), though a couple of guys said i was average and one of them was klaatu and i think he used to give genuine comments, so based on this, do i have potential to be as good as him? Also more than a few people have told me i resemble zayn malik a lot who has the exact same features as this marcelo guy

not that i am fanboying him or anything, in my opinion these celebs have got no importance and zero respect since they are only millionares for their face and grooming nothing else, i want to be good looking but achieve my dreams of being a CEO of a top company and all


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  • we can't tell you what to do man, you must do that.