Does this girl look hot, pretty, or attractive?

im not sure exactly how to put a picture on here yet lol but anyways
there is this actor i used to watch back then named frankie
he has a girlfriend or wife and some of my pears (girls and guys) that say she's cute but generic and plain and nothing stands out about her and the guys said the same thing and added she's fap material but very generic highschool girl looking and nothing is special about her
and since i suck at learning how to upload a pic properly just search :::elycia marie or elycia marie turbow
what are your opinions, and do you agree with my friends? do you think she's basic looking and generic
i honestly dont know because I've seen so many people in life i dont even reconize anything anymore


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  • Not bad. If that's who he likes then that's who he likes

    • yup totally fine its just awkward hearing people say that stuff about her lol

    • Well, I say the same about Adam Levine's wife but it is what it is

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