Girls, is having this photo in a dating profile a good idea?

What this photo sugests you?Girls, is having this photo in a dating profile a good idea?

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  • Dudebro looks sloppy in his presentation and has some poor censored woman trying to kiss him. So he either thinks he's way cooler than he really is and/or he'll be one of those "open relationship" guys. This is a REALLY bad picture.

    Comb your hair. Wear a nice shirt that looks clean and ironed. Make sure you're the only one in the picture. This is like dating profile 101 here bud.

    • So here's why I got dumped the latest time, I say girls are all over me and she assumes it's the same in the other direction 😜

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  • It's an adorable picture, but if you're trying to get a date, posting a picture with another girl won't really help :).

    • That said she's my cousin 😄

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    • Hahaha! nice to know, specially having two cute cats at home 😻

    • Use them to your advantage :))

  • You are so hot, but dont put this one up on a dating website

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