White guys, name attractive female black actresses?

prefferely white guys, but anyone can answer please


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  • Gabrielle Union
    Angela Bassett
    Halle Berry (although her mom is white as virgin snow)
    Kerry Washington
    Stacey Dash (although she is a mix also)
    I have a thing for Gayle King with makeup but she's not an actress.

    There are lots of fantastic sisters out there and I am happy about that because their presence on TV and movies is de facto integration and is helping to kill racism in this country.

    • If you could pick a top three out of this group. Who would you pick. If you're ok with it. :)

    • Well, I can't because, at this point, it would depend on their personalities. The only personality that I really know to any degree is Gayle King because she is a journalist, not an actress.
      I think Stacey Dash is a Fox tool, so that is unappealing despite her being a righteous goddess.
      I forgot: Zoe Saldana is hot too.
      I'd wanna tap Angela Bassett - I'd always had a thing for her - but she's married to Courtney B. Vance who is an actor I really like. Besides, he's black and I'm white, so I don't "measure up", if you know what I mean.
      Kerry Washington seems like a very interesting young lady from interviews.
      However, Halle Berry also seems like a very nice woman from what I know about her, but she's been married multiple times, so I have to ask what's up with that.
      Vivica Fox is about my age, so she's a plus too, but I don't know her personality very well.
      I don't know what it is, but I like Sanaa Lathan too. I'd want to know more about her personality.

    • Oh! Aisha Tyler! She is gorgeous AND smart. That's a winner for me.

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  • Lauren London. Tika sumpter. Lashuntae heckard. Joy Bryant. Lupita nyongo. Logan browning.

  • tia&tamera