What's the best Multimedia/Gaming Laptop That's thin and Relatively Cheap?

Example ^^

Ideally At LEAST
-15 inch but 17 inch is good
- Prefer at least an Nvidia 960m GPU but 950m is ok...
- At least an Intel i5 cpu but an i7 is preferable
- TRACK PAD WITHOUT visible left and right click
- Strong metal design
- Under $1000

NOT too expensive, value and looks good


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  • Doubt you can find an ultrabook with an Nvidia card for under $1000.

  • Why do you wanna have a gaming laptop?

    • to play games on it

    • Yes but they don't deliver good performance, at least the ones under a thousand.

    • I have two decent example ones in the comment below. They're nvidia 960m which is good and 700 and 900 dollar only.

      I don't want a full size desktop. That's too much to carry around. Gaming is an option i want available but not a computer that's a nuisance