Are these speedos ok for swimming laps?

So I like to do laps at the pool but I find shorts are too heavy and give too much drag. I know a lot of girls are not fans of these.. blah blah lol and I know I certainly don't have the worlds best body.. but do these look ok for swimming laps?
Are these speedos ok for swimming laps?

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  • Hi sorry for taking so long to look at your post but been in the process of moving so haven't been online in ages...

    I think if your wearing speedos to do laps then you should wear whatever you want to wear. Exercise should be as enjoyable as possible and if shorts "drag" then wear speedos. Maybe keep some shorts stye ones at the side so you can pull them on when are done if you feel self conscious.

    As far as your body is concerned you look good. Awesome arms ;-) you also have the physique that if you did build muscle in your shoulders and torso you could be magazine level.

    Natural great frame to start off with!

    Have fun! :-)

    • Thanks so much for your encouraging words. Hey obviously you can't answer for other girls but in your opinion why do you think a lot seem to hate speedos so much? I mean they don't have to think they're fantastic or anything but it would be awesome if they were a bit more chilled about them like you ­čśŤ

    • I think girls and guys in your age range are far more focused on what's considered the current trend rather than what's practical. I personally think guys look better in shorts but I wouldn't think twice about a guy wearing speedos to do laps in a pool. It says to me the guy takes his swimming seriously as you don't see professional swimmers wearing something that causes drag. I know it's a broad statement but I also think younger people tend to respond more dramatically than older and can be less accepting of personal preferences.

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  • please no =/ it's not u though, just that speedos aren't exactly.. the choice of attire we prefer.

    • Yeah I already knew you weren't a fan JB­čŹî lol

  • I dont think you have a bad body, but those speedos make me think that guys have girly legs, which is not a turn on for sure.


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