So, my face is DEAD thin. Almost gaunt. I really, really want to put weight on, help?

Now, I'm 22. About 5'2 and about 7 stone 6. I used to be about 8 stone 4 but I lost a lot of weight... for some unknown reason.

i have a really high metabolism, I eat my daily required intake of calories (if not more than that) yet I'm unable to put weight on. Can you give me any tips please? Like, diet plan? Something? My really thin face is making me look ill.
So, my face is DEAD thin. Almost gaunt. I really, really want to put weight on, help?


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  • it looks like you just have narrow bone structure on your face. that does not have to mean you're too thin overall. your face does not look boney. there's no protrusion. not that i can see but its not a very clear picture unfortunately. if a stone is 14 pounds, then you're 5 ft 2 at 114 pounds,. that is not abnormally thin. its within a healthy weight range. you may just have a narrow face. it really does not look suck. if you want to gain weight but you're body doesn't want to there's not much you can do. i dont think gaining weight is really something you should force. if your body is comfortable that means you function beats this weight. just be sure to get enough food. :)

    • Thank you :) helpful advice!

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    • but you want have a beach ball face at a normal weight or even a bit chubby. :)
      anyhow there's honestly nothing wrong with your face. you will just more easily look striking when you walk in a room. round faces sink in the back ground more easily.

    • Well, thank you! I guess! I just like a little extra chubiness, either way I'll just have to work with what I have 😁 Haha

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  • i have the same problems, i unintentionally lost like 3 pounds in a week no matter how much i eat... you could possibly have hyperthyroidism you should go get checked..

    • Thanks :) do you have hyperthyroidism by any chance?

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    • Let me know how it goes? Don't worry though, it can be managed I'm sure! :)

    • okie dokieeee