Has anyone tried that new website that was in the papers that a robot tells you how attractive you are?

My nicest picture I put up got a hot... I don't think I look hot, so tried again with an ok picture of me with my hair undone and no makeup on and got stunner and 44 years old!!! so I guess robot was blind or maybe robot prefers natural women or robot was taking the mick out of me... I honestly only tried it because it was in several papers, you know the website where the tent rated higher than the man.. my my business did get the better of me..

now im not an egomaniac I just done it for a joke, if you haven't tried it give it ago and tell us what your results were an average picture of yourself v your best picture..


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  • Do they use the results to try to sell you things?

    • No.. I think it's called howhot.. just upload your picture ( it doesn't save it) and wait a few seconds and it gives you the results

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  • Omg that's awesome. I got stunning in the first and age 22, godlike in the 2nd and age 24. I'm gonna find a no make up photo and see what this bitch rates me.

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