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i feel like sometimes the camera angle gets a nicer shot of myself, but in reality im pretty ugly, like a 4. Im 5ft 9in~10in (approx). I have terrible eyesight, so should i get contacts or keep the glasses or get a different frame that would better fit my face? in the first picture, how is my clothing style? Does it need more improvement, if so in what ways? I am starting to work out and want to get some muscle, but I know im a small guy i guess. Do any girls still prefer this type? And be brutal honest, spare me feelings



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  • Your profile pic is hilarious lol with Bruce... i mean Caitlyn Jenner.

    But as for you, keep the glasses. They suit you very well šŸ¤“ I wear glasses too.
    I like your clothing style. Men look really good in plaid shirts and vans although Im not really a fan of skinny jeans.

    You have a nice slim body shape. A little muscle wouldn't hurt, but do whatever you feel is best for you.


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  • If you're ugly, what does that make the other guys on here? Don't be ridiculous. You're almost cute enough to be a Clark Kent. :P Enough of that, I don't want you getting all important... At the very least you are a 6+.

    Most guys look better shaven, but surprisingly your beard gives you an edge. You're like me, you don't have a very distinct face. So any changes you make will be very dramatic. Like when I wear makeup I go instantly from Natural Jane to Devil's Mistress. Some hollower cheeks, light makeup, and photographic studio lighting and you could easily pursue a career in modeling.

    The frames are actually nice, but experiment with different types. I'm insecure about glasses, so I wanted a "barely there" look, and got the slim square rimless glasses from zennioptical for like $30 (lenses+frames+shipping+bonus features). They're so cheap and you don't need a doctor approved/up to date prescription. Every now and then, for dolling up, I wear contacts for a month or two. If I dated a guy with glasses, I'd prefer he do that too.

    If I had to choose between an ugly ripped guy and a cute slim guy - SLIM would win. As long as he weighs more than I do. Also, a slim guy will be less likely to have a beer belly at age 50. A toned body is a nice bonus, but overly ripped is not necessarily better. He might be a tad rough* with me and honestly, sometimes those kind of guys are really scary. Not to mention it would be like snuggling up with a boulder. So yeah, plenty girls prefer your type for sure.

    I'm not sparing your feelings. I honestly only comment on "rate me" posts with potential. Oh, if you need tips on how to approach girls, lemme know.

  • I think that you are quite attractive, with or without the glasses. you are not ugly. But I think that you know that already:)

    • Hmm, but I've had people told me im not that great looking, plus indo-paki, :o. what number would you rate me?

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    • yeah haha. but posting on the 'How do i look' for an accurate opinion. to soothe my annoying self consciousness.

    • Well, thanks for the upvote.


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