Girls, Beard or not?

Girls, recently im "wearing" a stubbly short beard, because i dont really like shaving nor long beards. In my opinion it kinda adds a more manly thing to my face, but I've heard not much opinions by girls yet and am a little bit unsure about this. So, question is, is a short stubbly beard in general looking better than clean-shaven? I know this depends on the face ;) Mine is quite a typical western european one i think and narrow and i have brown hair.


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  • Facial hair can work on some people. This is my opinion on what's flattering on men:

    70% Clean shaven
    30% of men: Medium/thin mustache, various Goatees (Brad Pitt), Light Stubble, 5 o'clock Shadows

    NOBODY: Hobo beards (Santa Claus), Horseshoe (wrestler Hulk Hogan), Lamb Chops (big Civil War sideburns), Magnum PI (Tom Selleck), Chin Straps (hair along jaw line), Soul Patches (Deal/No Deal bald guy).


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  • I rather see a clean shaven face. But if you feel that you MUST have some type of facial hair, then yes keep the stubble. But long beards are a no for me personally

  • Yes I love facial hair on a guy, it's one of my biggest turn ons!

    • Nooo facial and male body hairs are the worst mistakes by nature.

    • @hotchick20 no it's hot! 😅

    • If left all natural the beards can get soo long and thick. Ewwwww.
      Don't get me started in male body hair. Why on earth do men grow hairs on chest, belly, wtf even on shoulders and back? Eww. Useless.

  • I love beards. I think they make every man more attractive. :)

    • Eww. Wth, joking?

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    • @hotchick20 not true. Sweat has nothing to do with body hair.

    • You sure? I feel you have never ever seen or been with hairy bodied man.
      Ever seen how sweaty hairy chest looks.