Girls, Redhead guy/ginger?

Who out there finds me attractive? using my profile pic as the reference, still look the same, except the beard is longer. im a redhead guy. obviously. im 5'9". not the tallest, but pretty average i'd guess. just seeing what you fine women think of my face ;) and hair? lol


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  • I like that color!! but your hat and your glasses cover most of your face... eh~..

    Anyway!!! I used to be attracted to this one guy who was all red head and had five million freckles everywhere!! I don't know, but I found it so hot!!! but he was always too shy around me. :/

    • it was a sunny day. damn gingers. lol. true about it covering my face. hmm. well now i actually have to take another picture. gingers tend to be shy due to all the bullies who wreck their lives. so thats why he was shy, poor guy. one thing with gingers or redheads, you have to make it obvious, like so obvious , you pretty much tell them what you think, cuz they think everyone hates them. just a pointer next time you come across one you like.

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    • XD haha! red hair is nice!!!

      I wish i had natural red hair. :/

    • both a curse and a blessing. maybe a little of both.

  • Ew i really find it ugly

    • so are you, as a person :) miss anon.

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