God I'm bored😩 okay let's do another dumb question shall we?

Let's kill some time Before work... Take a look at my image, if you were to judge me on my looks alone, what would it tell you about me

  • Your an asshole
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  • Your a nice guy
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  • You look like a dangerous trouble maker lol
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  • Your smart
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  • Your a horn dog
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  • Hard to predict and pass judgment, I need to see more
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Chances are I'm an asshole but a pictures worth a thousand words so don't let be misguided 😌 think hard before you choose your answer ladies and gentlemen 😉


Most Helpful Girl

  • I picked troubled maker lol 😜

    You look tough and a bit edgy but in a cool way. And you look like you have a lot on your mind!

    • lol @ trouble maker... I don't do anything to nobody hahaha how am I a trouble maker...😌 if anythings on mind it's mSkibg more money... And paying these lame bills

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    • Ah tell me about it πŸ˜–πŸ˜©

    • I feel the same way

Most Helpful Guy

  • You look like one of those 18 year old swagfags on my campus. Seriously you're 29 why are you dressing like a teenager.. Wear some armani some steve madden some calvin klein. Wear your hat straight. Straight up look like a dumbass with those oversized jordans and your hat to the side like that. No one dressed like that gets taken seriously lol.

    • Says the guy who post half naked pics because he cares more about his muscles than what's in his wallet... Don't tell me your one of those losers that spends 24/7 at the gym and doesn't worry about a career, I do sport Calvin Klein, Just not in that pic, those are supra skytops, I don't sport Jordan's... And your worried about my hat but you don't even have a face in your pic, πŸ˜‚ lmao, your probably one of those idiots and enters himself in a bunch of body builder competitions and never even gets third place. And don't let me get started on your Instagram or Facebook... youve got hundreds of dollars in work out suppliments sitting on top of your fridge and your biggest part of the day is going to the gym and staying on track to intake the proper amount of carbs or somthin rite? LoL if I had to guess I'd say you have that workout complex where you look in the mirror 20 times a day to see what muscle you need to isolate next when you hit the gym huh?

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    • Lol don't be mad bro was making an honest statement. Yeah man I definitely care about money lol. Buying my first BMW next week will bump with update when I get it. Solid stock portfolio too. Pretty good at 22 nah? I doubt you have a career with the way your dress lmfao. by the way my legs are beefy af bro. Mirin?

    • Look, your right you gave your opinion and that's coo, I respect that... I'm not gonna sit here and bag on you... I understand... I apologize for insulting you man... Do whatever makes you happy and congratulations on your first BMW, I hope you enjoy the rideπŸ˜‰πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ½

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