Which picture do you hate least?

I'm trying to choose a profile picture, but all of them look ugly to me. No fishing. No "Oh, my self-confidence needs a boost." I don't care if I'm ugly. God I hate that reddish beard, though. Curse my Irish genes.
Which picture do you hate least?
I like this one. I like the hair.

I like this one, because I'm cloaked in darkness. I was lazily going for half and half: like yin and yang type thing, but I fucked it up. If you haven't noticed, that's a theme I like.

On the job, smoking and taking selfies, yaaaay.

  • 1 looks the least bad.
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  • 2 looks the least bad.
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  • 3 looks the least bad.
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  • 4 looks the least bad.
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  • 5 looks the least bad.
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  • Yo mama hit you with the ugly stick a few too many times.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • the last option lmaooo

    4 or 5 is probably the best photo : )


Most Helpful Guy

  • Stop being so hard on yourself, take a photo of you now smiling. Why smile? That's like saying why frown? Smile because you're alive, you made it to this point in your life and that you nobody else got yourself there. Smile because its a new day, that you're able to take a fresh breath ready to face the challenges of today. And this goes for anyone else as well, smiling everyday even for no apparent reason is bound to make you happier.

    • If I ever have a reason to smile, I will smile. ... My life has not been easy. I have seen some horrible things. Unspeakable, really. Maybe at some point I will move past them and smile more easily. But, until then, it's not really something I control. I'm recovering.

      Psychologists have studied that: the idea that smiling will make you feel better. It does. But only while you're smiling. It doesn't have any substantive effect. After you stop smiling, you revert back to the previous feeling.

      I thank you for the sentiment, however. I do appreciate it.

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    • If I may make a suggestion you should rename the post "What Picture do you like the most?"
      Talk good about yourself man, its so easy to be hard on yourself and other people that being why most of the population are so negative, but being positive will change your outlook on your life for the better. I wish you health and happiness man, take care. You'll pull through, you made it his far whos to say you can't push on? Always remember You're your greatest limitation

    • Eh. Like I said. I don't care if people see me as attractive or not. If you've seen how hard I've been on other people who have uploaded photos of themselves, you might change your mind about that. Figured it's only fair I put myself in the same situation.

      Are you trying to convince me or yourself? Is it a belief that you have to maintain, otherwise you wouldn't smile, either? Random thought.

      In any case, I'll think about what you've said.

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What Girls Said 3

  • i like ur hair in the second one. that's my fave.

  • You're handsome in all of them, but my favorite ones are the first and last pic. ;)

  • You're really cute! The beard looks really great, would look amazing if you had faded sides and short-ish hair on top :)

    • Thanks. I figured females would like shorter hair better. But, I like having long hair. And, I can't grow a beard with long hair, because then everyone calls me Jesus. -.-;; Also I don't like the red.

    • I think the red looks great! A lot of really hot Irish and Scottish men have red beards :)

What Guys Said 3

  • Number 4

  • All are good except the last one 😶
    First one's the best
    And you look good dude 👍

  • I like top one - Looks very cool

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