Am I dateable? im nice, but not overly nice but am I dateable?

i like to think im really nice and over the past year I've changed a little bit so im not "friend-zone" nice and its helped me a lot when it comes to closing and having sex with girls but everytiome no matter what i always end up becoming there friend and usually best friend even if we have sex countless times, after a while its just like they decide im not dateable... just fuckable and I don't know if its weird for a guy to get angry about it but its just starting to get to me i just dont understand any more haha

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  • Your not the type of boy you take home to mama that's of sure.


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  • Yeah you look dateable

  • Yes, you're dateable


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  • you're a good lookin dude no homo, sometimes when it comes to girls you have to act like you are busy and can't text them back or always take their calls. had to learn that the hard way.

    • i'm working on that haha but I don't know i always want to text them and feel like a dick when i don't haha a friend of mine, a girl i've hooked up with surprise surprise haha she alwaus gets mad at me and complains when i never text her and i'm like... ummmm well maybe you should start the conversation once and a while haha

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    • alright i'll give it a shot haha. quick question, how long do i wait on texting them if they don't text me first?

    • its fine to text her first it shows your interested but lets say for instance she texts you like 2 hours after you texted her. do the exact same shit to her lol, dont text her immediately after she texts you, it will make you seem needy and like you have to much freetime even tho that isn't true thats what will go through her mind, but yeah text her now if you want to.