What's your opinion of Angela Merkel?

What's your opinion of her?

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  • I feel she is trying to be to politically correct. She knows the issues the policies are causing but is unable to change them. There have been so many treaties and agreements made in the past that the only think she can do is try to keep Germany and Europe from imploding. She knows there will be a domino effect if any one country of Europe descends in to anarchy the rest will follow. There have been 2 great wars faught on thoughts lands she doesn't want a 3rd started on the same land. The people of Europe not the governments have to say in one voice no more will we stand by and say nothing and do nothing to protect our way of life.
    Every person should have the right to be able to protect them selves and there loved ones from threats. Thoughts who say the government will protect you has blinders on, all you have to ask is why didn't they protect your love ones well they were being mugged and raped
    Some people in Europe ridiculed the people of the U. S. for our 2nd amendment now you are starting to understand why some of us will not give it up


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  • I'm not a German, and I certainly don't hate her, but I think she was stupid to announce that Germany's borders would be open to all so-called "refugees" who want to come. And what did that lead to? Mass rape and mass sexual assault against German women and girls at the hands of the "refugees."

    • I agree that was stupid.

  • C but I'm not really a fan. She has a tough job balancing the needs of the eurozone and those of the more myopic elements of the German public but so 's generally been pretty indecisive in dealing with the recession. She's a little bit like David Cameron in that she's not really a leader who'll stand for something, more of a party leader who'll follow opinion polls and not look past the next election or the danger of the more inward-looking elements of her own party.

    As a result, Europe's economy is still dragging along and hasn't really reformed and the security situation is pretty poor for similar reasons. That said she has a lot to deal with and has been better than most, particularly on Ukraine.

  • Its good to see people know what's up over there.

    B: Dislike her

  • No idea who she is! :P

    • she's the pm of germany for a long time she's a christian democrat

  • Hate her she can't make up her mind at all. First she welcome immigrants, then she say they have to be stricter and then she welcome immigrants and just goes back and forth.

    She's just trying to adjust to the most popular opinion at the moment with no opinions herself.