Don't lie. Is she prettier than me?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 months. Before we got together he had sex with another girl that goes to our school. I heard that yesrerday at school he brought up the fact that he and that girl had sex. My best friend heard him talk to his friends about hooking up with her even though it happened 3 months ago. Like he brought it up in the first place. It wasn't like one of his friends asked. HE brought it up. Why's he still Talking about it especially when he's with me? Do him and his friends think she's pretty?

  • He and his friends probably all think she's smokin hot
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  • His friends probably think she's hotter than you
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  • He and his friends probably think she's uglier than you
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  • He probably wanted her but couldn't get her so he's dating you
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  • Its just kiss and tell. Its what most adoscelent boys and insecure grown up men do. So immature.

  • I say this a lot with relationship transgressions, but dump his ass. You don't want the kind of man-whore who will openly brag about fucking other girls when he's dating you. Some things are workable in a relationship, but this guy just sounds like a scumbag. It's not about whether or not this other chick is pretty; it's about whether or not you should stick with a guy who clearly has fidelity and tact far back in his mind (hint: you shouldn't).

  • Who cares it's in the past. If he keeps talking about it in a disrespectful way tell him how you feel. If he doesn't stop, then dump him. You have to show people how to treat you. Otherwise they do whatever they want.


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