Why doe he do this?

This guy at the school keeps glancing at me everytime I'm around, Basketball games, dances, etc.. We've met a few times before and don't really like one another, yet he keeps looking at me. When I catch him he'll look me in the eyes for 1/2 second then glance away almost embarassed. Before you say it's because he likes me let me state that he has a girlfriend and has never expressed this interest before. So why does he keep looking at me?


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  • Just cause he has a girlfriend doesn't mean he can't find you attractive. Also, just cause he doesn't like you as a person doesn't mean he doesn't think your hot.

    He probably likes you but pretends not too cause he has a girlfriend, or at least thinks you are very attractive. I do this all the time to girls I think are physically hot. Especially when they turn around and I can look at their butt without getting caught!!!

    If you like him, then tell him. Maybe he would leave his girl for you, it seems obvious that the attraction is there at least. If not though, then just let it go. He will stop eventually.

    I have a girlfriend and I look at hot girls all the time. She doesn't care, and knows its only natural for most guys. Hell, she will point them out to me half the time. She is bi though, and no other girl I have dated has done this. Guess I lucked out!

    • I like him but he is a totally A**hole to me. It's physical attraction for me towards him, nothing else.

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    • Eh, that explains a lot of guys when they are your age. Especially the "good looking" guys. He probably thinks his shit doesn't stink, and he is an asshole to girls like you because that is what girls your age like. He might actually be a good guy. Maybe he likes you but doesn't think his friends would approve so he acts up around them. He sounds like that type of dude. I bet if it was just you too you might find out he is actually really nice. I don't know though, because guys his age don't take girls seriously. If you choose to try and date him. I would approach the situation with caution, and definitely don't sleep with him right away if you are having sex already. You are too young for that anyway in my opinion. Just some words of wisdom from and older guy who has been there.

    • He's definitely one of those "good looking" guys. I just wish he'd tell me instead of kinda creeping me out.

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  • People look at each other sometimes, what can I say?


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  • He thinks you attractive.

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