How do I look? Got a new haircut?

Sorry for my bored face, been up way too many hours lately. :)
How do I look? Got a new haircut?

Left side

And Right side.

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Ok if it doesn't suit me.. what style should i do? I'm very adaptable
Just casually updating the question to get more votes...


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  • It looks okay.

  • That looks like a fuckboy style. Just shave your whole head like it is on the sides, and it will look a lot cooler.

    • I'm quite the opposite of a "fuckboy" and no lol i look to style my hair. At least it's better then a man bun.

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    • Sorry, not buying it. Anyone who would torment their hair and those around them with a floppy undercut is indeed a fuckboy. The beginner facial hair is also a dead giveaway.

      And man buns can actually look pretty badass on the right people.

    • Oh I'm sorry maybe i couldn't be fucked shaving you dickhead. Whatever mate, say that to 70% of guys who have this hair cut or similar. I'm sure we're all fuckboys. How the fuck am i a fuckboy if i only had one relationship and only sex with that one person?

  • Looking good :)

  • Try something else next time
    You look good but hairstyle isn't matching