Can you roast me?

Can you roast me?
Haven't taken any recent selfies ok so this will do
But yeah roast me
That's right
Not rate me
Roast me
Be as mean as you want

Reason I'm doing this is because I'm tired of everyone on this website giving empty compliments. By telling you to be mean I'm tell you to say the truth ✌


Most Helpful Guy

  • The way your eyes are shaped makes me think that you might of been born with alcohol fetal syndrome. Your nose looks a tad deviated.. maybe rhinoplasty? The projection of your chin looks quite masculine and unappealing. Your hair looks quite flat from the use of poverty hair products. Your lips look dry and lifeless for your age. Your face tells em that you smoked weed and barely scrapped by to graduate. Most likely and underachieving community college student. Your clothing tells me you shop at target and other poverty stores like walmart. And also for some reason I imagine your vagina being very unhygienic carrying a very potent and horrid odor when you spread your legs. You look like the type of girl to smudge makeup on for a sad night out. So all that being said I'm going to rate you a 2.3/10 with the hopes that might consider plastic surgery. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Nah man, I don't wanna do this.

    I'll roast when I'm ready to get roasted XD


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  • Girl, get with the times. Duck face is SO 2014

  • I like your looks honestly
    and artsy style
    the nose ring doesn't bug me
    critic is: have some confidence already and stop swallowing your cheeks like that.
    Also I liked you more as blonde :P are you a natural blonde?

  • All of these comments are hilarious hahah daaang better be careful what you ask for girl 😄😄😄😬