Girls, Ok here's how I look why do I fail on tinder? I have heard numerous people say they met their girlfriend on there and there's people who constantly find someone

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  • If you're looking for an actual girlfriend, don't go on Tinder. Do sites like eHarmony.

    • Well some people I know said they found their girlfriend on tinder and other people had it work for them too

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    • Just keep trying. And maybe stop trying for a little just to reconnect with yourself. Really start focusing on the hobbies you like to do.

    • I'm focused on my hobbies but every time I see a couple I think if how lonely I am and especially when I see people kissing

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  • I agree, just have to play around with different camera angles, lighting, etc. Some tips are to have your phone/camera slightly higher and angled a bit downward instead of straight onward. Also get to know the lighting, for me personally I don't have too much of a nose bridge so I'll have the light source slightly to my left or right to create a shadow there, get to know your features and what works best to for you! I would suggest maybe shaving but that's completely your choice, some girls are into it some are not. Also maybe choose to either completely smile or not smile/mouth closed. Would just like to mention that you have nice eyes, and clear skin (:

    • Think those eyes could win a girl over

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