Out of two how would you guys rate me?

So out of 2, how would you guys rap me:

2 (You is okay, but I wouldn't really wanna date you or talk to you like evars. Also, like don't look at me or make eye contact with me like evars cuz then I'll like get you arrested, kay?)
1 (Ehhh... Maybe if you put on some makeup and toned down those glutes a bit. Not bad dude...)
-1 (Have my babies... NAOW!)

###Even if you guys rate me bad my mom still loves me, okay? So don't hold back bros! I'll take it! Fire away! #No regrets! #Livin in the moment! #Young blood! ###

Out of two how would you guys rate me?

No but seriously tho. I consider myself to be somebody who does not really care much for his own looks and I often wonder why people even consider me even decent looking in the first place or why that makes me seem like I'm more interesting of a person. So basically, what is it about me that makes people think I am decent looking?

Let's do some real talk folks.


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Most Helpful Girl

  • Your bone structure is amazing. You should consider modeling or acting. If you have children I bet they'd be beautiful.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Yeah, guess you're decent looking.

    But wtf was that description?

    • If I have utterly bewildered you and left you speechless, I have fulfilled my purpose as trollking. Thank you for feeding me. I grow more powerful by the day thanks to posters like you.

What Guys Said 5

  • lol i don't get the poll. 1, 2, -1? Why not just 1-10?

  • I chose 2 because of your terrible rating system... Should -1 be ugly and 2 be have my babies.

    • Bro the whole point of this question is to have a terrible poll system...

  • dude you got a good face, why only 1 and 2?

    • You ask why only 1 and 2? Because a scale of 1-10 or a scale of 1-5 is too mainstream for me. I consider myself one of those hipster folk who like doing things differently just cuz. You know Coldplay before they got popular? I did. You know that bad with the weird name that just got popular so now you listen to them? Guess what bro, I knew before you. You know your parents before they got married? I knew them before you bro and I even dated your mother when she was in her teens. Hipster to the max #underground #not mainstream ###
      # trolled XD

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    • lol glad you're not offended. I just like to make lulz comments sometimes XD.

    • lol no problem man, some people are to sensitive. i can take a joke. xD

  • i dnt ge the pool rating.

  • damn, Asians on the internet are so cringe.