Have you ever gave a person a bad compliment on G@G which was the truth in your opinion?

I've seen person giving certain types of opinions I'm like everyone must look awesome to them... I rather the truth than one trying to make me feel good that's the difference between a friend and a frienemy... If I'm talking to you and my breath stinks stop me and say "yow dude you probably wanna brush your teeth or something your breath is kicking me down" that's what a person who has my best interest at heart would say... I might feel embarrassed at the moment but I'd truly appreciate it. If I'm ugly to you say it... Don't call a cat a lion he just might try attack a zebra and get himself killed.

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Sorry guys not bad compliment... Bad comments or bad opinions or just saying how you view the situation even though the asker may not welcome your view.


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  • There's no such thing as a bad compliment and there's a way to do something with someone without being rude (like offering gum and taking one yourself).

    Have I said anything horrid? A lot. Plenty of extremes. I don't feel bad because those people deserved it.


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  • You're right on point about being truthful.

    I'm insensitive of feelings to an extent. Given that these people are anonymous (no name, address, phone number, or access to an inner circle), this is the perfect platform to reveal the unfiltered truth about a very superficial aspect about themselves.

    They won't suffer the social ramifications of being "called out" because nobody knows them here. That's why I pull no punches and give an honest reaction (which the exception of younger teens). If they weren't hidden under a guise and had something at stake, I would respect that and hold my tongue.

    I want to help, not embarrass anybody. Unless you misrepresent me.

    • I love this... I hate fake people!!! People need to be real. Society would run better with a what you see is what you get attitude.

    • There's a time and place to be critical. But generally, yes more truth would make the world a better place.

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  • What the heck is a bad compliment?