Does this guy have a huge face?

some more opinions pleaase


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  • no, he's hot

    • yes he is

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    • just compare it to his dark servant between 00:35-00:45, my face is definitely bigger than that but not by much

    • i dont know why in my mind he is this huge guy with a huge face like jon hamm, is it just in my mind or is he actually like that?

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  • Seems like fairly normal proportions to me. The ratio of his face to the rest of his body isn't even on the larger side. Maybe you get the impression from the big eyes and nose?

    • nobody has ever mentioned it, but i dont know why i always feel so, can a good hairstyle like make a small face look bigger? the reason i ask is my facial features are exactly like his, even my face shape is like that, length> width, but i think i have a tiny face and thats what makes the difference between us, him looking good and me like shit, i am extremely insecure and actually feeling suicidal over this. Can the haircut he has help in making my face look bigger?

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    • Yeah, you could always change the shape of your body to a considerable extent (muscles can only get bigger or smaller, but you have many to work with).

    • thats not a problem, my entire wworkouts are based on full body and calisthenics, not the muscle by muscle training,

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  • No. And dammit, why did I have to watch this royal asshole talk about his bowls of food?

    • lol u know siddharth malhotra?

    • Now I do. Apparently he likes Punjab food.