Please rate me from 1 to 10, the reward will be a most helpful banana :D?

I've never asked a rate me question... my sense of humour is booming at the start of the week end so I decided today is the day to try it out :D

Please rate me from 1 to 10, the reward will be a most helpful banana :D ?


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  • You're a little bit hairy, and a little bit ugly.
    You are missing teeth and eating bananas.
    I rate 3.

    • Haha I like honest comments :D
      And those banan's are delicious (but indeed not good for my teeth) :o :o

  • 10000/10

    • Oh wow, you make me feel great Anna! Join me for a 6 course banana meal :D

    • sure! 1st course! banana smoothies!

    • Yum yum yum... and to say it in Australian English: bananas on "the barbie"!

  • Chimpanzee/10. Nice banana. :P

    • Thanks a lot :D
      All these nice opinions give me a good feeling!
      I'm hungry now... get a box of bananas from the basement haha :D

    • Sounds like a good meal, haha.

  • 0|1
  • 3 out of 10 - I don't like apes - I prefer chimapanzees.

    • Haha I think my profile pic is a chimpansee :D
      This question was just for fun, of course...

  • Little too hairy for me Hans. But I'll still let you hug me if you want. 😉

    • Invitation accepted. Do you know what the real me looks like? I've posted some selfies on here but it's some time ago :o
      I've bought a new laptop and have yet to reconnect to my mobile through bluetooth. I'm not a big technology freak inspired by the fact that at work these things always break down :-(
      So I stay away from them haha :-(

    • I have never seen you 😞

  • awww! but I agree with @BelleGirl21 a little too hairy for me also xD


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