Cleft ("butt") chin or nah?

SO a cleft chin is the proper term for someone having a dimple on their chin (i. e. an exaggerated version of this is Peter Griffin's "butt chin"). Not only is a dimpled chin a masculine feature to have, it messes (in my opinion) with the symmetry of one's face, so I don't like it... not one bit. However, I'm told by girls and guys that it's cute and makes me unique. Sounds like your cliché thing to say to someone who's uncomfortable with a certain feature if you ask me... It is extremely easy to fix a cleft chin as it has nothing to do with bone structure, all about the fat in your face. I would like to get rid of it, yay or nay? Please be honest with your responses, obviously, I won't be able to get the cold hard truth from people I know so I look forward to hearing your opinions! :)


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  • Sure, it's fine usually.

    • But which do you think is better? With or without?

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    • bahaha the second one looks as though it was just photo-shopped on. I would say mine goes with my face shape, and the dimple isn't very deep... but think about, don't you think Jessica Simpson would be more attractive without it?

    • No, her dimple is fine. I've had GFs with chin dimples and was fine with their looks.

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