Girls, what percentage of girls have to find a guy cute or hot for him to be considered attractive?

  • 30%
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  • 40%
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  • 50%
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  • 60%
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  • 65%
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  • 70%
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  • 75% or more
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  • The answer is 1.

    Not 1 percent, but 1 girl. Your girl.

    If any other girl's opinion matters, you fail at life. And she probably does, too. LOL

    If yr single and this matters to you... again, you fail at life.


    Oh yeah, last thing.

    The REAL "hot" guys?
    Are the guys who'd honestly get low percentages on shit like this (especially for "cute", ugh)... but who just absolutely knock the fucking socks off a select few women. Those are the keepers. The one-of-a-kind boys. The broke-the-mold boys, the je-ne-sais-quoi boys.

    The high-percentage boys are the cookie-cutter, easily replaceable ones.

    • And how important would u say penis size is to girls?

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  • I don't really think there is a proper "percentage", because everyone has a different opinion/type, but I guess if a few girls think you're attractive, then you are.

  • 5 percent

  • I'm very realistic. I'm an average-looking woman. I cannot have high expectation because that's simply foolish. I've met guys who are known to be unattractive (possibly a 4) but as I got to know them better, they start to appear attractive to me. Sometimes a personality and great humor could make an unattractive man appear very attractive. If I met a very attractive man with a shit personality or character, I wouldn't find this person to be attractive at all.

  • Answer this: do YOU think you look okay?

    That's the only thing that really matters.

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